Nokia FREE Unlock

Use your Nokia phone on any network. Remove the network lock fast and easy. The almost countries and providers supported. Only enter the Nokia free unlock code that we provide or the free software calculate, that you can download to do it.

  • Nokia Unlock Codes Calculator
  • Nokia Unlock USB Cable

      Unlock your Nokia BB5 SL2 mobile phone for free using a simple USB cable with a free software. Very simple system.

  • Reset Nokia Security Code FREE

      You can reset online the Nokia Security Code for free with a generator of codes.

  • How to Read BCL File Nokia Brute Force

      A free software to read the .bcl file to Calculation unlock Nokia by USB cable and Brute Force for Nokia generation SL3

Which is the unlock code for Nokia

If you own a mobile phone that is restricted or locked to one mobile phone network or carrier, you can now get it unlocked without the phone ever leaving your hand. This service works on nearly all Nokia handsets. We can also remove the network restriction.

With our calculator software unlocking service you calculate a simply unlock code that will remove all of the network restrictions in place. All you have to do is enter our unique code or codes into the handset to unlock your mobile phone and make it available to all networks, forever. It's a free service. That is a saving of over £20 on what the networks charge, plus you do not need to pay your contract up front!.

Why is my Nokia phone restricted?

Most mobile phone companies will lock their phones to their network. It is their way of stopping you using it on any network. Basically, they want to keep your business. If you are unable to insert a different carriers service they think you will stick with them!

What is your Nokia phone unlocking service?

We can supply you with a unique code which will free your phone, enabling you to use it on any network of your choice.

Benefits of Nokia unlocking!

  1. Unlocking your handset will enable you to use your mobile phone on multiple networks.
  2. Unlocking your handset will increase the resale value of your phone compared to locked handsets.
  3. Unlocking your handset will enable you to use your phone anywhere in the world with any overseas network.
  4. Unlocking your hanset will provide you with the ability to change networks at any time without having to change your handset.
  5. Unlocking your handset will allow your mobile phone to accept any foreign sim card which will help you save you money on roaming charges when travelling abroad.
  6. Unlocking an old handset when you receive an upgrade or switch networks will make it availabile for use as a spare or for your friends, collegues and family members to use.
  7. Businesses that unlock their handsets can provide an emergency handset to overseas visitors or clients that are unable to use their own handset when travelling abroad.

Will unlocking my Nokia handset enable me to switch from Vodafone to T Mobile pay as you go?

Yes, unlocking your handset will enable you to insert absolutely any SIM card into the handset.

Will the Nokia mobile phone remain unlocked?

Yes, once your handset has been unlocked it will remain unlocked to any network for ever.

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